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iBuypower Dream 2006 CrossFire Gaming System


We run F.E.A.R. twice. On the first run, all of the settings are maxed out except AA and AF, and without soft shadows. The second run is done with AA at 4x and AF at 8x. The Dream Quad SLI 2006 posts very playable frame rates at 2048x1536 with all the bells and whistles enabled, but the CrossFire system can produce 46 frames per second even at 2560x1600. At the highest resolution with antialiasing disabled, the two systems were tied at 56 frames per second. The Quad system using the default AFR of SFR (Alternative Frame Rendering of Split Frame Rendering) was able to produce higher frame rate counts than CrossFire in most situations.

System ConfigurationWinsTotal Wins
CrossFire Radeon X1900421
Quad SLI X7950GX258