iBuypower Dream 2006 CrossFire Gaming System


Over the last two months, we have seen several new developments in the world of high-powered computing. We witnessed the launch of the first consumer DirectX 10 compliant graphics cards, as well as new CPU products: AMD's 4x4 and Intel's Quad Core processors. So where does that leave us today? For those looking for high end systems, frankly, it leaves us with far too many options.

In part one, we showed the differences between identical platforms, and illustrated the Quad SLI (Scalable Link Interface) version of the iBuypower Dream 2006 Quad SLI system. In part two, we will now peer into the performance differences between Quad SLI and Radeon X1900 CrossFire with almost identical systems. The only variables here are the motherboard and the graphics cards.

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