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iBuyPower MEK Mechanical Keyboard Review

The iBuyPower MEK is actually a rebranded Gamdias Hermes Lite. It comes with TTC Red switches, and the price is right, but this keyboard has some issues.

Tests And Performance

Key Rollover

The issues we noticed in our teardown were borne out in our key rollover tests. The MEK is listed as having 21KRO and 6KRO (you can toggle between them in the software), but under no circumstances could we get the features to work correctly.

For example, with 6KRO, you can depress and hold QWERTY (for example), and all six keys will register. On the MEK, only QWER would register; T and Y would not. However, I could get QWER and two other keys, such as UI or OP, to register. Experimenting with different key combinations yielded similarly inconsistent results.

What this tells me is that the key matrix is befouled in some way. In the teardown, I noted some holes in the soldering, as well as the fact that the PCB is single-sided, and those manufacturing issues are likely the culprits of the failed KRO.


There is not much to say about the quality of the MEK's sound, which is to say, things are mostly clean. There's a bit of extra "ping," to be sure, but it's fairly minimal.