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Late Vintage: High Degree of Maturity of the KT133

Features Table

Model7KTAK7VZAK7T Master (MS-6347)K7T Pro2 (MS-6330)8TAXKinetiZ 7TTS-AKT4
PlatformSockel ASockel ASockel ASockel ASockel ASockel ASockel A
NorthbridgeVIA KT133VIA KT133VIA KT133VIA KT133VIA KT133VIA KT133VIA KT133
Southbridge686A (ATA/66)686A (ATA/66)686A (ATA/66)686A (ATA/66)686A (ATA/66)686A (ATA/66)686A (ATA/66)
Max. Memory (MB)768 MByte1536 MByte1536 MByte1536 MByte1536 MByte1536 MByte1536 MByte
# DIMM slots3343333
# ISA slots1000111
# PCI slots5566655
# AGP 4X1101111
# AGP 4X (Pro)0010000
# AMR / CNR1/-1/--/1-/1-/-1/-1/-
# parallel ports1111111
# serial ports1+122221+12
# external USB ports2222222
# onboard USB ports1111111
# IDE channels (UltraATA/66)2222222
# SCSI Connectors (68-pin/50-pin)n/an/ayes/yesn/an/an/an/a
# fan connectors2232322
Additional onboard interfaces
AC97 SoandAvance Logic ALC 100PAvance Logic ALC 100PVT 1611 AVT 1611 AVT 1611 AAD 1881 ASigmatel STAC9721T
external audio connectors
Line Out/In/Micyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
internal audio connectors
# Line-Ins2233333
Wake on LAN (WOL)yesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Wake on Modem (WOM)yesyesyesyesnoyesno
Infrared connectoryesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Sensor for chassis intrusionnonononononono
Thermal sensor inside CPU socketyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Additional ATA/100 interfacesnonononononono
Piezo speakernoyesyesyes, voice outputnoyesno
System Bus adjustable throughDIPBIOSBIOSBIOSDIP and BIOSDIP and BIOSBIOS
Frequency range for system bus100 to 132 MHz100 to 112 MHz100 to 150 MHz100 to 166 MHz95 to 166 MHz100 to 166 MHz100 to 132 MHz
1 MHz steps for system bus possibleyesnonoyesnonoyes
CPU core voltage adjustable throughnononoBIOSDIPnono
Range for CPU core voltage (Vcore)n/an/an/a1.550 to 1.8501.30 to 2.05n/an/a
0.05V steps for Vcore possiblen/an/an/ayesyesn/an/a
Multiplier adjustablenononononoyes, via jumperno
BIOS and Revisions
BIOS makerAwardAwardAwardAwardAwardAwardAward
BIOS Version tested27.10.200028.08.20001.09.20001.12.20001.12.200013.11.20003.11.2000
Board Revision tested1. (s1.2)29-8080
Clock ControllerICS UA030565Winbond W230ICS 9279AF-21ICS 94220AFWinbond W230Winbond W230ICS 94215AF
SCSI Controllern/an/aAIC7892Bn/an/an/an/a