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Late Vintage: High Degree of Maturity of the KT133

MSI K7T Master (MS-6347), Continued

Many manufacturers do not dare to take chances. Though you may find many motherboards with Intel-based chipsets equipped with SCSI, AMD platforms offer only a minimal selection of SCSI models. Nevertheless, MSI is leading the way with its K7T Master.

The SCSI connections of the Adaptec AIC-7892B controller include a 50-pin and a 68-pin socket. This enables the operation of fast server and workstation hard disks without adding adapter cards.

Up to 63 peripherals can be connected to the Firewire Controller from Texas Instruments, regardless of whether they are DV Camcorder or external IEEE1394 storage media. For this purpose, mobile hard disks or CD writers are also available. Whoever decides for the Firewire, however, loses a PCI slot, which falls victim to the space needed for the firewire connectors (see the red arrow in the picture).