Late Vintage: High Degree of Maturity of the KT133

Athlons And Durons Are Sitting Tight In The Socket

The advance of socket A platforms for AMD’s Duron and Athlon CPU’s can no longer be halted. Our previous tests have proven that the great attractiveness of AMD processors is not only because of very good performance and stability, but also due to their reasonable prices. The following table clearly demonstrates this :

Prices from , last update 17th January 2001

The prices for socket A motherboards with a KT133 chipset are also very attractive. Usually, boards like these are cheaper to buy than corresponding socket 370 products for Intel CPUs. For this reason we have taken a close look at new KT133 motherboards. We are comparing 7 boards from Acorp, ECS, MSI, NMC, QDI and Transcend, increasing the previous test field from 16 to 23 candidates.

Uwe Scheffel