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LG 34GK950F Curved Gaming Monitor Review: 144Hz Ultrawide With HDR

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Viewing Angles, Uniformity, Response and Lag

Viewing Angles

LG is the master of IPS technology, and it shows in its superb viewing angles. Looking at the 34GK950F from 45 degrees off-axis, all you’ll notice is a 50 percent light reduction. There is almost no change in color or detail level. The top-down view is also strong, with better quality than we’ve seen from nearly every other monitor we’ve reviewed. The only way to improve upon these results is with an OLED screen.

Screen Uniformity

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Our 34GK950F sample displayed some of the best black-field uniformity we’ve seen in a while. Only the 34WK650 measured better. There were no visible hotspots, bleed or glow. This helps contribute to solid intra-image contrast, and you can be sure that blacks will be uniform even at the extreme edges of the screen.

Pixel Response and Input Lag

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Besides the extra color, the principal reason to upgrade from the 34WK650 to the 34GK950F is the gain in refresh rate. The 34GK950F is one of the few ultra-wide monitors to offer a native 144Hz. That puts it right in line with the most expensive gaming monitors, including the PG27U. It even managed a slightly quicker lag score than that $2,000 screen. Motion blur was non-existent, so we saw no benefit from using the blur-reducing backlight strobe. When framerates stay at 100 or above, there’s no need to take a cut in brightness.

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