Logitech New Mouse Range Goes Back to the Future

But Is It Better?

The first question that arises, of course, is whether this is an improvement on the previous model. At first glance it's hard to say. We took both of them, we cleaned the slides underneath and used the same mouse mats. Then, as usual, we tried the mice on seasoned gamers, this time playing Unreal 2004 and FarCry. The majority considered that the 510 contributed something without being able to really define just what had been improved. We played a round ourselves and what we found was that fast movement followed by a precise aim is more effective using a 510. So the conclusion is that there has been an improvement but it's not huge. A number of players won't notice any difference because there are other settings that come into play.

What was even more exciting was the confrontation with the outsider, the Razer Viper - a surprising newcomer. Here, opinions were totally divided. First of all, you would have to take the ergonomics out of the equation - something that is almost impossible. Some people prefer a more opulent mouse on which the hand rests serenely, i.e. the 510. Others prefer the aggressive handhold of the Viper. Since that is what generally emerges as the first criterion of choice, it's hard to make a judgment by taking this factor in isolation. In terms of reactivity and accuracy, they are almost equally good. But the problem shouldn't be put in these terms. Look carefully at the photos of the mice and decide what it would feel like in the hand; those are the preferences that are likely to make you decide.