Logitech New Mouse Range Goes Back to the Future

MX 510: A Different Look

Although the buttons are exactly the same shape as for the previous model, the MX510 has quite a different look. With its holographic coating, Logitech is clearly appealing to a sector that is looking for exclusivity - probably the gamers.

True, gamers are still wary of cordless mice. The reason is not the latency, because Logitech's FastRF has a latency that is exactly the same as that of the corded models. On the other hand, the weight is a genuine handicap and with its batteries, a cordless mouse is too heavy for a fan of fast FPS games. In this respect, if you are still finding the MX510 too heavy - and I am on your side - just unscrew the base and remove the weight.

It is not necessary to go into depth again about the ergonomic properties of the mouse, just go back to our article about the MX range . To summarize, for right-handers who like mice that are fairly massive, the ergonomics are perfect. Furthermore, the buttons and the scroll-wheel are wonderfully light and accurate. Both the side-buttons are accessible and once you get used to them, it's hard to do without them.