Logitech New Mouse Range Goes Back to the Future

More For More Class

The leading model of the Click range is likeable from the first. The Cordless Optical Click Plus (a bit of a mouthful) is a chubby mouse made for right-handers. The ergonomics are beyond reproach. The mouse sits perfectly in the palm while being easily grasped with the thumb and index finger for effective guidance. The two main buttons are right under the fingers and the click is sensitive and precise. In the same way, the scroll-wheel is precise and very soft, and also gives you horizontal scrolling. Even the two extra buttons on the left are generally well positioned and work easily. The fifth button under the scroll-wheel remains inaccessible. The design is magnificent, and the mouse has a two-tone silver coating. With its minute receiver and irreproachable cordless transmission, the Plus is truly a desirable lifestyle mouse. It is powered by two AA batteries, whose life varies from two to four months, depending on the amount of use.

If you are right-handed and a fairly heavy mouse doesn't bother you, no doubt this is one of the most complete and comfortable mice on the market. Spreadsheet and retouching fans will be delighted with the multidirectional scroll-wheel. The precision and reactivity are satisfactory for most gaming uses, including FPSs. Only one obsessive LAN party gamer preferred a lighter and more reactive mouse.

More Multi-purpose Without The Plus

The Cordless Click Optical Mouse is the ambidextrous version in the range. Its classic shape will never go out of fashion and will probably be the most popular of all. It is also slightly lighter and faster to manipulate. On the other hand, it has lost the two left-hand buttons, which are very practical. Other than that, it is cordless, accurate and has a wheel, so in those respects it is identical to the Plus. This is the most successful, all-purpose, cordless, optical mouse on the market. Unfortunately, the corded version of the Click Optical has not been lifted and is not fitted with the new scroll-wheel.