Logitech New Mouse Range Goes Back to the Future

The Secrets Of The Powers That Be

Logitech's European headquarters, at Romanel, near Lausanne, Switzerland is also the home of many R&D departments, including optical mouse and wireless research sections.

A star is born!

It's important to realize that developing a new mouse can take between 12 and 18 months. It happens simultaneously in each R&D department. A specification is produced on the basis of the available technologies, user feedback, planned improvements and the target.

Then, one unit works on the shape, another on the sensor, etc. Communication takes place in real time through videoconferencing between the various centers scattered throughout the world. Once the development has been completed, an initial pre-production phase is launched for testing the product. This means that the mice are cooked, frozen, shaken, dirtied, electrocuted and subjected to heaven knows what other indignities.