Logitech New Mouse Range Goes Back to the Future

Hi-tech Or Lifestyle?

Contrary to its normal practice, Logitech decided to introduce its new range of mice earlier this year in the spring. The company had created a series of mice so that each user could find the mouse most suitable for his or her needs. Four new models in two ranges were of particular interest to us.

The "Performance" range consists of mice with an MX sensor. As you already know, this technology is purported to be the most advanced on the market today for precision and quick response. This new recruit is called the MX510 and is exactly the same shape as the earlier model, the 500. It is especially gamer-oriented, and it has a holographic-effect finish that makes it stand out from the crowd. Much more important, however, is the MX sensor that has been improved to give even greater precision and responsiveness.

The Click series now consists of "Lifestyle" models. According to Logitech, these are mice that offer maximum comfort without compromising the technology. The three new models present a substantial innovation - the multi-directional scroll-wheel. Both cordless versions use a little receiver in the form of a USB key, which makes connection even easier and improves movement.

On the occasion of the launch of the new mice, we were able to visit Logitech headquarters in Switzerland. Daniel Borel, Logitech's charismatic founder, told us what he felt about the history and development of the mouse. We also visited the development labs, and spent a lot of time in the optical and cordless departments. We'll show you in pictures that more work goes into a mouse than you could possibly believe.