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Logitech Harmony Pilots: No More "Remote Control Bloat"?

Defining Activities

The configuration wizard now offers activities corresponding to the devices you've entered. You choose the ones that seem to correspond and then configure them. Then you can add others. Let's use Watch A DVD as an example.

You're first asked if you want to use the Xbox or the Cambridge Audio DVD player. Then you choose whether you want to watch the movie on the TV or the projector. We chose the projector. Then you're asked which device controls the volume of the TV or amp. Then you say what the input adjustments are for each device (Video1, DVD, etc.). If you make a mistake, just continue, and you'll be able to change the adjustments at the end of the process. When it's complete, the software transfers the adjustments to the remote control for an initial trial.

Making Corrections

In our case, we noticed problems with the adjustment of the inputs on the TV and audio-video amp. And the projector wouldn't turn off because it was waiting for a confirmation it didn't receive. So we chose to change those adjustments.

Here the configuration wizard got a little confused in trying to identify the problem. It would have been better to leave the possibility of making changes from the general menu for those who understand the situation. The best thing is to click on Home and choose the Go option which is always on the startup menu. You then end up back at the general configuration screen, where you can change an adjustment or add a command or activity.