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Logitech Harmony Pilots: No More "Remote Control Bloat"?

Pedigreed Ergonomics

The buttons are arranged in a very logical way. A particularly nice feature is the central four-way pad with OK button, which gives you efficient control of the most-used functions. The only criticism might be that the legibility of the lower buttons isn't excellent; even with the backlighting, you need good eyes. The buttons surrounding the screen are very thin, though they're curved so that your fingers can find them easily. It's a matter of getting used to it, but ergonomics may have taken a back seat to design here.

Still, this is a very comfortable remote control. You pick it up and with one glance at the display all the activities are available; all you need to do is push the corresponding button. The large color display is a big advantage. All this does come at a price - $250 . However, given the services and compared to other top-of-the-line remotes, it's not excessive.