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Logitech Harmony Pilots: No More "Remote Control Bloat"?

A Serious Test!

After installing the software and plugging in the remote control using the supplied USB cable, you'll automatically be taken to the Harmony site. You'll be asked to create an account with a login and password.

For our test, here is the configuration we used, which is complicated enough to make the test valid.

  • A Phocus W30 LCD TV : This is a recent model manufactured in Turkey and sold only in a few European countries.
  • A Toshiba MT-200 video projector: This is a widely-distributed product, but exasperating to control, in particular because of the stop confirmation.
  • A modified Xbox : it serves as a Media Center for broadcasting content from the PC via Wi-Fi. Controlling it is a good challenge.
  • A Cambridge Audio 540D DVD player and a Cambridge Audio 540R audio-video amplifier: Nothing can beat English-language Hi-Fi for obscure commands.
  • A satellite demodulator, the Topfield PVR 5500 : A satellite decoder with DVR, just to make things a little more complicated.