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Logitech Harmony Pilots: No More "Remote Control Bloat"?

It Works

Now the configuration is done, and everything works properly. It took us approximately two hours for our installation, which we admit is a fairly complicated one. But the Harmony replaces six remote controls! And everybody can use it. If there's a problem, you just use the Help button. The languages currently available for commands and the configuration wizard are English, German, French and Spanish.

To summarize, here are our adjustments for each activity:

LCD TVSatellite demodulatorLCD TVAudio/video amplifierWatching satellite TV on the LCD TV
TV ProjectorSatellite demodulatorVideo projectorAudio/video amplifierWatching satellite TV on the video projector
XboxXboxVideo projectorAudio/video amplifierWatching video located on the hard disk of the PCPlaying games
FilmDVD playerVideo projectorAudio/video amplifierWatching a DVD movie on the video projector
CDDVD playerAudio/video amplifierListening to an audio CD on the Home Theater sound system
RadioAudio/video amplifier with tunerListening to the radio

Harmony 880 / 885: The Flagship

The product has just been released in the US (880) and will be available in Europe in mid-May (885). It's the first model developed jointly with Logitech, and you can tell. It's a handsome, restrained object, as is customary with Logitech.

The first thing you notice is the color LCD display. Color may not be indispensable, but it means better contrast for better legibility. The function buttons are harmoniously integrated into the curves of the remote. It's very comfortable to hold and is quite light. It operates on a built-in rechargeable battery and recharges simply by placing it on the dock provided. As an ultimate luxury, the backlighting comes on as soon as you pick it up and goes out as soon as you put it down on the table!