Logitech MX Mice: The Weapon for Quakers!


Without battery changes, ecology lives! Considering the rate at which you change the batteries on an ordinary cordless mouse, the environment will obviously be grateful for these rechargeable ones. You put the mouse on the receiver, which acts as a charger. The only complaint about this system is that the receiver is not exactly elegant and discreet. Putting the mouse on it is no great hassle because you don't need to do so very often. If you leave it on overnight, it will last a good week before running down.

A Gilt-Edged Range

To conclude, here is a mouse that performs just as well as the previous model and, for the first time, the lack of cord does not make it suffer from lag. If its weight, ergonomics and, especially, exorbitant price are not a problem for you, then we can do nothing other than recommend the MX 700. More generally, Logitech have come close to mouse perfection with the MX range. And don't think that all my ramblings about precision and speed are worthless: you should never forget that the mouse is the main interface between person and machine. Our pleasure in using a computer is partly due to the ease of using the mouse.

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NameLogitech MX300Logitech MX500Logitech MX700
Optical engineSensor of 30x30 pixels, 5250 img/sSensor of 30x30 pixels, 5250 img/sSensor of 30x30 pixels, 5250 img/s
Resolution800 cpi800 cpi800 cpi
ShapeAmbidextrousErgonomic, for right-handersErgonomic, for right-handers
ConnectionUSB, PS/2USB, PS/2Cordless Fast RF, Ni-MH battery, USB, PS/2
Price55 euros / $29.9565 euros / $49.9590 euros / $79.95