Logitech MX Mice: The Weapon for Quakers!

Logitech MX 300

This is the market entry-point version of the MX range and, in my humble opinion, the most formidable one for the crazy Quaker. It has the same shape as the older Logitech ambidextrous optical mice, quite ordinary, but I found the ergonomics to be excellent. It can be used equally well by right- and left-handers, and it adapts to any shape of hand - big, wide, small or narrow - they are all instantly at ease. The shape is comfortable and driving the mouse is not tiring. You actually hold it with the thumb and ring finger, which are quite adequate to move it without moving your entire hand. The resolution of 800 cpi and the fairly low travel range make it even easier. In addition, I find its lightness ideal for precision and you can, if you like, make it even lighter by removing the weight screwed to the hood.

On the other hand, there are only two buttons you can use. The third one is behind them, in a position that makes it impossible to use. The scroll wheel is pleasant and accurate, though less so than on the latest Microsoft mice or the MX 500 and 700. However, this means no more than a slightly throaty noise and rather more noticeable steps, none of which stops it from being pleasant to use. By the way, the two buttons are models of their kind, broad and accurate without being stiff.