Making Themselves Heard: 11 GeForce4 Ti4400 and Ti4600 Cards

Leadtek WinFast A250 TD

Leadtek's two flagship models A250 TD and A250 Ultra are cooled by two fans, which sit atop a massive heatsink. This monolith covers not only the GPU but the BGA memory chips as well, providing cooling for both. The flip-side of the card is dominated by another, slightly smaller heatsink. As a result, the card is anything but a lightweight. It would therefore be a good idea to check that it is sitting tightly in the AGP slot whenever transporting the computer in which it is installed. The fan-duo's bearable noise level is also appreciated.

Massive heatsink on the back

Aside from the exclusive design, the Leadtek card offers only standard fare, meaning the driver CD complete with the WinFox 2.0 utility suite, WinDVD and the games Gunlok and DroneZ. The TV-output accepts connections either via S-Video or composite video. Sadly, the included cables are very short, measuring only 1m (composite) and 1.1m (S-Video). The DVI-VGA adapter is also absent from the bundle, reducing the dual display options to the analog/digital combination.

Massive heatsink with 2 fans

Leadtek also provides a quick installation guide for its cards, detailing the installation into a PC. The hunt for Leadtek's current drivers proved quite an ordeal, since the localized homepages for each country seem to offer a different and sometimes outdated version. The only page currently offering the newest drivers is the English language homepage .

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Leadtek WinFast A250 TD
Hardware FeaturesTV-Out (S-Video/Composite)Very Good coolingRam 3,6 ns
BundleS-Video cable 1,10 metersComposite cable 1,0 metersWinfox 2.0 UtilityDrivers CDWinFast DVDGames: Gunlock, Dronez,Quick Installation GuideHandbook (English)
IssuesNO Dual-Display DVI->VGA adapter