Making Themselves Heard: 11 GeForce4 Ti4400 and Ti4600 Cards


All GeForce4 Ti boards ship with dual monitor support. NVIDIA has designed a second RAMDAC into the chip for this purpose.

DVI-I to VGA adapter (Gainward)

Next to the standard VGA interface, all Ti boards also come equipped with a DVI-I connector, which can also be used with a second analog monitor with the help of an adapter. Disappointingly, not all manufacturers are including said adapter in their bundles, reducing the dual view options to an analog and a digital display simultaneously. Gainward is the only company to deviate from this standard design, equipping its Ultra/750 XP with two DVI-I connectors. Thanks to the two included adapters, this allows for dual display modes using either two digital or two analog monitors, or even one of each.

nView (sounds almost like envy to you, doesn't it?) is the name of NVIDIA's new multi-display software, which allows for very comfortable management of multi monitor modes. For example, the utility lets the user define which display should show pop-up dialogue boxes. Beyond that, it's possible to choose and save settings individually per application. Even several desktop arrangements, including shortcuts and background images, can be saved. Now every member of the family can customize his desktop to his heart's content without making it unrecognizable to the others - at least that's the idea.

A wizard that resides in the Windows Control Panel guides the user through the steps for setting up the individual display modes. A more detailed explanation of nView as well as some Flash animations illustrating its features can be found on NVIDIA's nView demo site .