Making Themselves Heard: 11 GeForce4 Ti4400 and Ti4600 Cards

VisionTek GeForce4 Ti4400 & Ti4600

XTASY GeForce4 Ti4600

PNY's main competitor in the United States is VisionTek. Both its XTASY boards follow NVIDIA's reference design completely, including the very quiet fans. These even bear the NVIDIA logo. The cards offer different features, though. The "little" 4400 only comes with a TV-output via Conexant CX25871-14 encoder chip, which, lacking a composite video adapter, is limited to S-Video devices. The only software bundled with the 4400 is Cyberlink's PowerDVD XP 4.0.

XTASY GeForce4 Ti4400

Unlike its little sister, the big 4600 also comes with a TV-input, although it, too, is limited to S-Video sources for the same reason. In addition to PowerDVD, a limited version of Cyberlink's Power Director 2.0 software ships with the card.

As with all other cards before it, we found an installation guide, this time in the form of a folded leaflet. A nice little detail can be found on the driver CD - a short video actually demonstrating the correct way of installing the card. A few NVIDIA tech-demos can also be found on the driver CD. Neither of the cards ships with a DVI-VGA adapter, though.

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Visiontek XTASY GeForce4 Ti4400 / GeForce4 Ti4600
Hardware FeaturesTV-In & Out (S-Video)Ram 2,8 ns / 3,6bs
BundleCyberlink PowerDirector 2.0 StandardPowerDVD XP 4.0Drivers CDQuickstart Guide
IssuesVideo In/Out only S-Video (no adapter for composite)NO Dual-Display DVI->VGA adapterNo video cables