Making Themselves Heard: 11 GeForce4 Ti4400 and Ti4600 Cards

MSI GeForce4 Ti4400 & Ti4600

MSI GeForce4 Ti4600

MSI's shipping boxes stand out by sheer weight alone, a result of the company's decision to pack these cards with every feature available, and then some. Unfortunately, this also extends to the fans - the loudest in the entire line-up. Fortunately, this proves to be these cards' only downside.

MSI GeForce4 Ti4400

The feature list leaves nothing to be desired. A detailed manual helps beginners with the installation of their new card. The TV-in connectors accept both composite video and S-Video cables, and a 2m S-Video cable ships with the card. Both of our review samples reached us without a DVI-VGA adapter for the connection of a second analog monitor, but MSI has promised to include these with all boards in the future.

The software bundle is nothing short of impressive, consisting of no less than eight CDs and a DVD, all of which come in flat plastic CD cases. The gaming part of the bundle includes the titles No One Lives Forever (2 CDs), Aquanox, Sacrifice, and one CD with game demos. The application software bundle is comprised of InterVideo's WinProducer/ WinCoder along with the Professional Users Pack (MPEG4 & VCD authoring functionality HTTP:// ), a software DVD-player, the driver CD and the MSI "Multimedia Value Package" DVD.

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MSI GeForce4 Ti4600-VTD / GeForce4 Ti4400-VTD
Hardware FeaturesTV-In & Out (S-Video/Composite)Ram 2,8 ns / 3,6ns
BundleS-Video Kabel 2,0m8 CDs & 1 DVDGames: Noone Lives Forever (2CDs), Sacrifice, AquanoxCD with game demosIntervideo WinProducer/Coder inkl. Professional Users Pack (MPEG4 & VCD Authoring)MSI Multimedia Value Package DVDDrivers CDDual-Display DVI->VGA adapterHandbook (English)
IssuesVery loud fan