Making Themselves Heard: 11 GeForce4 Ti4400 and Ti4600 Cards

Chaintech GeForce Ti4600 Special Edition

The word is out that stylish cards sell better, and it seems Chaintech got the message. Its card sports gold-colored memory heatsinks that exude an aura of high quality. A large, aggressively shaped, yet quiet GPU heatsink/fan, the gold-colored back plane, and the gilded VGA connector also do their part to add to the overall good impression. The card offers both TV-input and an output, but, lacking a composite video input adapter cable, can only be connected to S-Video devices. The S-Video cable is a bit on the short side, measuring only 1.2m. A DVI-VGA adapter is included as well, allowing a second analog display to be used.

Goldy slot bracket

A look into the card's box reveals the driver CD in a DVD case, containing InterVideo's WinDVD and EColor's 3Deep color correction tool. In addition, there are also two games, Aquanox and the slowly aging MDK 2. Sadly, a video editing tool didn't make it into the bundle. A large manual explains the installation procedure in three languages (English, German, French).

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Chaintech GeForce4 Ti4600 Special Edition
Hardware FeaturesTV-Out / -In (S-Video)Goldy Bracket & FanMemory CoolersRam 2,8 ns
BundleDVI->VGA adapter3Deep E-Color, WinDVDAquanox, MDK2DVD hullS-Video cable 1,20 metersHandbook (English, French, German)
IssuesVideo Out only S-Video (no adapter for composite)