Microsoft Breeds Four Unique Mice

Bluetooth Put To Good Use

The mouse is powered by two AAA batteries with a lifespan of several months, and there is a low-battery indicator. Communication with the PC is via Bluetooth; Microsoft supplies a dongle that establishes communication instantly and can also serve as a universal adaptor, with the same driver requirement as for the 8000 desktop model. Of course, if your notebook is Bluetooth-equipped, you won't need the dongle, since the mouse will operate without it. Here, recognition works the same way, with a button to start detection and a flashing light to confirm it. The advantage of Bluetooth is obvious, since with it you can be up to 20 feet away when using the device as a remote.

For once, packaging is put to good use: the transparent plastic receptacle shows both sides of the mouse. Once you take it home, the receptacle can be used to carry your rodent and the dongle, and there's even a carry strap.

A Real Little Heartbreaker

The sensor is Microsoft's own 1000 dpi laser model, and in use, I found it to be every bit as precise as its desktop big sister. The reactivity is perfect for use with a portable computer, and fluidity just as good. This is the most reactive and precise notebook mouse to date. I have to admit that I was totally charmed by this multiply-clever little mouse - it's both seductive and convenient to use Compare Prices on Wireless Presenter Mouse 8000.

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  • dingumf
    "Wireless communication is via Bluetooth, which has several advantages. First, there's no latency, and the mouse operates perfectly even if you're several meters away - you'll notice no difference at all compared to a wired mouse. With the dongle provided, communication is established instantaneously."

    Are you retarded? YES THERE IS LATENCY. Why do you think Razer spent so much time on creating the Razer Mamba instead of using Bluetooth?

    Bluetooth is no-where near a wired mouse and YES YOU WILL NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE.
  • There is latency with this Bluetooth Mouse. I didn't notice it so much with the Microsoft Wireless 5000 bluetooth mouse, but occasionally notice it with the MS Presenter 8000 mouse, but only rarely, and that is when i have a lot of tabs open (45+ tabs) or CPU intensive. The advantages of the presenter mouse however out-way this minor disadvantage, but that's personal opinion. This is a great mouse, and lag/latency is almost non-existent, i've noticed various users of this mouse don't experience any latency anyway.