Modding The Xbox Into The Ultimate Multimedia Center

FriendTech DreamX-1480

FriendTech's modded version of the Xbox features a 1.4 GHz Celeron instead of a 733 MHz processor. A toggle switch on the front of the Xbox lets you switch between 740 MHz and 1.480 GHz during operation. All games benefit from the doubling of processor clock speed. That said, a few titles react strangely to the mutation. FriendTech provides a compatibility list on its website to resolve these conflicts.

The modification (mod chip) unfortunately means that you can no longer play online games on Xbox Live. In our case, however, that was not an issue, as we were primarily interested in a media center. At this point, we recommend gaming enthusiasts consider the DreamX-733, whose changes do not include a mod chip.

The DreamX box comes complete with an A/V cable that, besides for Composite and S-Video jacks and a cinch connector for sound, also includes optical digital output. This enables the DreamX-1480 to relay a Dolby digital signal to a 5.1 receiver.

We also received the official remote control from Microsoft, which is generally available for around $30.

Next to the power plug on the reverse are the network jacks and the A/V cable connection.