Notebook Coolers

Evercool NP-101

Evercool sent us the NP-101, which goes by the name "Notebook Pad". The way it works is simple: the Evercool pad goes on the table, the notebook goes on top of it. The notebook cooler is supplied with power via a small USB cable. On the right-hand side of the front is the power switch as well as a wheel that lets you directly influence the rotational speed of the four 60mm fans.

The air that's sucked away towards the bottom is expelled on both sides of the NP-101. Since both sides are completely open, no bottleneck ensues and therefore no noticeable noise level, either.

While the maximum height of 20mm is relatively modest, it does have a noticeable negative impact on the serviceability of bigger or bulkier notebooks. We did OK with it during the tests, but we would think anyone working extended hours at "higher placed" systems would soon notice symptoms of fatigue.

One somewhat disadvantageous aspect of the NP-101 is its shoddy construction. Cheap plastic is used here, coupled with a wide production tolerance. That's too bad, because it means this notebook cooler optically declasses any notebook worth protecting.

Operation is easy: switch it on and adjust the fans as desired. Even at full power, the unit makes no noise to speak of.