Vantec LapCool

The LapCool from Vantec gives a visual impression of higher quality than the notebook cooler from Evercool. The reasons are less manufacturing tolerances and the use of two different types of plastic.

Four features set the LapCool apart from the NP-101: for one, it has only two fans instead of four, for another the LapCool offers a clean operating angle. Furthermore, Vantec integrated a USB 2.0 hub with four ports into the LapCool. And that determines the fourth difference: it's not possible to power the unit through the notebook via USB; instead, a power plug is included as standard.

That basically means the Vantec disqualifies itself for mobile use; after all, nobody's going to want to lug around this notebook cooler complete with its own power unit. On the other hand, its advantages are clear when it comes to desktop use: the USB hub lets you hook up numerous devices such as printers, scanners or Web cams. Thanks to the clear operating angle, the fatigue effect from the higher position of the notebook will most likely take longer to set in.

The LapCool is somewhat smaller than the Notebook Pad from Evercool. That makes for some pretty strange-looking contraptions when paired with larger notebooks and desktop replacement devices.