Optical Mice: The Fall/Winter Collection

Saitek Wireless Optical

Like Logitech and Microsoft, Saitek's cordless optical runs via radio transmission. It is extremely conventional in shape, which is a stark contrast to the rest of the products manufactured by this firm. In fact it is quite conservative, and even dreary, but oh well, there's no accounting for taste. Saitek chose an original method of powering it, however. The mouse has two small rechargeable batteries. The problem is that they need recharging, and so you will eventually find yourself with a mouse on the end of a cord again. The charger consists of a miniature plug at the end of the cord, which has to be plugged into the side of the mouse. Not only is this impractical but the connection looks like it has been put together ad hoc.

But that's not all - the base unit needs to be really close by. As soon as you move it more than a foot (30 cm) away, the connection becomes problematic. Add to this a rather cumbersome installation procedure and you will soon realize that I am not exactly enraptured. Furthermore, although the mouse feels fine in the hand, the buttons are much too stiff and you will get a cramp in your fingers if you use it in an action game. Quite honestly, this mouse is not a great buy.

Summary Table & Conclusion

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ProductWheel Mouse SECordless Optical MouseMouseMan Dual OpticalIntelli Mouse OpticalIntelli Mouse Explorer 3.0Intelli Mouse Wireless ExplorerOptical Mouse ProTouch Force OpticalWireless Optical
Speed2000 images/sec2000 images/sec2x 2000 images/sec6000 images/sec6000 images/sec6000 images/sec1500 images/sec1500 images/sec1500 images/sec
Reso-lution800 cpi800 cpi800 cpi400 cpi400 cpi400 cpi400 cpi400 cpi400 cpi
Left-handed useyesyesnoyesnonoyesyesyes

For wealthy right-handers, whether or not they like playing FPS games, I would recommend the Microsoft Explorer 3.0 mouse, which has exceptionally fast response and is absolutely comfortable. Otherwise, the Logitech Dual Optical is also comfortable to use and offers optimal precision and smoothness as well.

For wealthy left-handers and Quake-players, the Intellimouse Optical by Microsoft is the best choice. It has easy contours, an excellent grip and an immediate response. The two extra buttons could be useful for games.

Finally, if you are looking for a simple mouse that is accurate and not too expensive, go for Logitech's WheelMouse Optical SE. It is equally suitable for the right-handed and the left-handed, and its metallic coating gives it a pleasant look and feel.