Optical Mice: The Fall/Winter Collection

Logitech Wheel Mouse Optical SE (or Not)

Logitech's standard optical mouse is equipped with 800 dpi technology that they have dubbed "X2", and it's now available in metallic red for a more striking appearance. The SE only refers to the color, because the blue model currently on sale without the "SE" is also equipped with the new technology. So you can choose the color according to taste. Just be sure that "X2" appears on the package to avoid confusing them with the previous generation of mice. The mouse has a classic shape and is comfortable for both right-handed and left-handed users. The proportions are just right for all types of hands. It has no bells and whistles, being content with two buttons and a knob, all very easy to activate. Personally, I find this mouse ideal for playing a FPS. It isn't too bulky or too heavy, the perfect weapon, in fact. Furthermore, its precision and reaction speed are excellent, so the price of $26 is justified.