Optical Mice: The Fall/Winter Collection

Logitech Innovations: Greater Precision

All the new Logitech optical mice are now equipped with a sensor that captures 2000 shots a second with a resolution of 800 cpi. We therefore began by comparing this upgrade with previous models. This was easy because the plain Mouse Wheel has not been modified in any other way. As I explained in the technological introduction, the shortest physical distance for moving across the screen at high resolution does not seem to me to be a significant factor. Precision and reaction time are another matter. In a first-person action game there is a significant gain in precision. You can, without a doubt, target things more accurately and quickly. Personally, I had no problem with the reaction time of the first generation of sensors, so it's hard for me to get excited about the even greater precision of this new mouse. On the other hand, I have experimented with both mice at top speed, playing First Person Shooters (FPS) fast and furiously, and my impression of greater precision was indeed confirmed.

Operating Software

Logitech is now delivering mice with new software for programming the buttons, and this is useful if the mouse has more than two programmable buttons. One might be tempted to say that you can forego using the software if Windows recognizes your mouse. But for once, there is a little plus that won me over. You can use the software to install a really cute WebWheel function. When you are in a browser and you push the knob, a small wheel appears on the screen, displaying the most frequently used functions, such as "update" or "previous page". All you need to do is move the mouse in order to select a function then click to confirm. It's easy and efficient! Of course, Logitech takes advantage of it by making it a portal for its own website, but that's no big deal. In fact, I ought to suggest that they include a link to Tom's on their WebWheel!