Optical Mice: The Fall/Winter Collection

Microsoft Innovations: Ergonomics And Speed

As I mentioned in the introduction, Microsoft has improved its optical sensor, especially the processor that goes with it, so that it now takes 6000 shots per second and, according to the manufacturer, this ought to guarantee zero time-lag, something that FPS players will appreciate. The resolution has not changed, however, remaining at the standard 400 cpi. As in the case of the Logitech mouse, we began by comparing two identical models, the Optical Intellimouse, whose new version differs only in the new sensor. Genuine progress has been made, the mouse really does respond better. When playing Counter Strike or Red Faction, it gives the impression of being more effective in situations where a quick sweeping motion is called for, followed by a sudden stop to aim accurately. Our Quake-playing testers unanimously approved this new development. There really is no time lag and the precision is excellent.

Then we compared the new Microsoft technology with that of Logitech, alternating between Intellimouse and Wheel Mouse. First of all, it should be said that both mice did well in their FPS trials. With regards to performance in very fast games such as Red Faction, the Microsoft mouse took the lead, but the Dual Optical Mouse is generally just as good, so deciding between the two is simply a matter of personal taste. Microsoft mice are more sensitive, but the Dual Optical moves more smoothly.

The driver that is bundled with the Microsoft mouse is in version 4 and lets you easily program the buttons. If you don't want to use buttons 3 and 4, don't install it.