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PCTV MediaCenter: The Complete TV Experience for your PC?

Organizing Your Multimedia Jukebox

While MediaCenter lets you access multimedia documents with the remote control via its intuitive interface, MediaManager lets you go even farther and organize all the files on your computer.

MediaManager is very simple to use: just select the folder and launch a search. Files are automatically classified according to type (video, music, or photo).

The interface is divided into three parts. The upper-left window is for accessing the classification functions. You can import your multimedia material from different sources, such as a hard disk, folder, or CD, which will be automatically converted to MP3 format. On the right is the preview window, and the window at the bottom displays the available files with their details (name, size, etc.)

The tabs let you access the main functions. The Import tab lets MediaManager store your multimedia files according to type in a database that's updated automatically as soon as you add new items. You can then organize your files according to the criteria of your choice (type of music, name of photo album, etc.) Finally, the Playlists tab lets you create your own selections and play only the items you want.

All the playlists and categories you define are then easily accessible directly in MediaCenter, which uses the MediaManager database.