Pentium EE Squeezes 3.73 GHz Out of NetBurst

Pentium Extreme Edition 965

The main difference between the new Extreme Edition and its processor is 266 MHz of additional clock speed. The EE 965 is also Intel's first CPU that is based on the C1 processor stepping (we've had B1 so far). It also marks the re-introduction of the C1E enhanced halt state that was designed to help save power when the CPU runs in idle.

However, the remaining feature are mostly the same compared to previous Extreme Edition CPUs, that are based on a Presler double core with 2x 2 MB L2 cache, FSB1066 bus speed, Execute Disable Bit for enhanced virus protection, EM64T extensions for 64 bit operation and Intel's Virtualization Technology, which allows for running multiple operating system instances concurrently. However, you will need Hypervisor software to take advantage of Intel's Virtualization Technology.

Although Intel provided an updated BIOS, it does not display the processor correctly.