Pentium EE Squeezes 3.73 GHz Out of NetBurst

C1 Stepping

SpeedStep support for a 266 FSB would not really be that interesting, because it is only capable of reducing the multiplier down to the common denominator of x12, which is the lowest multiplier for all Pentium 4 / Pentium D processors available today. This is part of Intel's register definition and cannot be changed. As a result, the clock speed will only be reduced from 3.73 to 3.20 GHz. This represents a mere 14.4% reduction in clock speed. However, C1E mode is used to do pretty much the same here.

More Clock Speed: 3.73 GHz Now

The 1.32.1 version of CPU-Z is able to detect whether a processor core is a physical or a virtual unit, which Intel's Hyperthreading feature makes possible.