Philips 326E8FJSB Monitor Review: Jumbo Screen, Beer and Pizza Price

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Viewing Angles, Uniformity, Response and Lag

Viewing Angles

VA technology is a bit weak in the viewing angle department, falling somewhere between IPS (the best) and TN in quality. In the image above, you can see the 326E8FJSB has good detail retention when viewing from the sides with a roughly 40 percent light reduction. Some red and green color shifts are visible, depending on brightness level. In the vertical plane, detail is almost completely absent, and brightness drops by 50 percent.

Screen Uniformity

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Our sample posted a disappointing black field uniformity score of 17.6 percent. In practice, the screen didn’t look too bad because its black levels are extremely low, which makes any hotspots harder to see. We did see some extra brightness in the corners of the screen, though it wasn’t enough to term it a bleed issue. Given our experience, we expect some 326E8FJSB monitors to measure better than our review unit.

Pixel Response & Input Lag

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Despite operating at a 75Hz refresh rate, the 326E8FJSB managed to edge out the Monoprice by 2ms in our response time test. And it only trailed that screen by 5ms in the overall input lag test.

More impressively, it’s not too far behind the two 144Hz screens from AOC. This is a great thing for owners of budget gaming rigs. Thanks to the 326E8FJSB’s QHD resolution and fast internal components, it delivers an excellent gaming experience at a very attractive price. One shouldn’t be concerned about 144Hz refresh rates when their graphics cards pushes, at best, 70 fps. Thus, the 326E8FJSB is a great choice for modest budgets and makes the most of its performance potential. We observed nothing but smooth blur-free motion and instant control response.

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