Pimp My Console

DS Case Mods

For you DS owners, here are two:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Row 0 - Cell 0 Row 0 - Cell 1
GC Skins' Silent CircuitDesignerSkin's Glass Lake

And now, for the coup de grace, a Gamer Chair. Hey, you don't pimp your system and then go cheap on the seat! Now, any game chair worth its seat is ergonomically correct, and includes multimedia features. Keeping this in mind, there's only one option:

Manufactured by The Ultimate Game Chair LLC, this uber-chair features 5.1 surround sound stereo speakers near the headrest, 12 motors for feedback, split controllers at the end of each armrest, and lovely black leather for added comfort. Sadly, it doesn't have a cup-holder or a toilet, but hey, you can get up every now and then, it won't kill you.

And there you have it, the customized way to pimp your console. Next time your friends come over, turning on your brand new tricked-out console will give you a new sense of cool - cane sold separately. Keep doing your thing, playa!