Pimp My Console

Yes, That's A Real PS2

Playing games isn't just about having the latest system and a TV. You want to impress the ladies and prompt murder fantasies among your friends, when they see that your almighty PS2 setup makes theirs look like a puny Atari 2600. You want a system where you hit the power button on your console, and your apartment becomes an interactive entertainment theater showcase, complete with eye-and-eargasms. So, since Xzibit isn't here, I'll show you the step by step guide to "pimping your console", from system essentials to chainsaw controllers to a glowing X-box insignia (we'll leave TVs and stereo systems to the other great guides here). Let's get busy!

Before we begin, let's go over some quick console notes. These mainly applies to the PS2 and Xbox, as they have full support for DVDs, and in the case of Microsoft's green machine, HD-TV gaming support. Unless you have a Q (Gamecube DVD player sold in Japan), all Gamecube consoles are the same.

First up, Sony. There are about 80 million of you that have this mighty system, and before we start talking about components and accessories, there's something important you need to know: what kind of PS2 you have. There are currently three types of PS2's on the market: the launch PS2, the PS2+, and the newer slim-line PS2. Here's how they differ:

  • Launch PS2 (SKU Model - SCPH-30001): Can't play DVD-R/RW's, needs a sensor for the DVD remote, no progressive DVD scan support, a noisy fan (nearly as loud as a Yankees fan) and skipping issues with certain DVDs.
  • PS2+ (SKU model - SCPH-50001): Sony introduced this model in 2003. It can play all DVDs, supports progressive scan, has a built-in sensor for the remote, and the fan makes as much noise as the ghost in your closet (unless it's Slimer, then all bets are off).
  • Slim-line PS2 (SKU model - SCPH-70001): Sony introduced this unit last year. It has all the features of a PS2+, only it's top-loading and very slim.

If you're buying refurbished, you might get a launch system. Otherwise, chances are you have a PS2+. You can check the box if you still have it; there will be a "+" sign in the right hand corner. I recommend the normal PS2+ over the slim-line because the system actually reads disks better when it's standing up, and it looks pretty sweet that way as well. However, you can still apply the console mods to all models. No worries there.