Pimp My Console

Getting Started

So what are some starter items you need for maximum gaming?

DVD Remote: If you enjoy using your controller to play DVDs, save yourself about $15. For those of us who like the idea of a remote to watch movies, this is a must. Don't bother with the third party stuff, just get Sony's.

Monster Assorted Cables: Pick up these in the S-video, composite and component varieties for a great display on the tube.

Memory Card: Necessary for game saves and network configuration.

Now for those of you who own an Xbox, there are two versions currently available; the notable difference is that the launch consoles can't play DVD-R/RWs. Otherwise, you get the same deal - HD-gaming support from 480p to 1080f.

There are a few ranges of cables and cords to pick up, but I recommend these:

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High Definition AV Pack: This pack connects users that have high-definition ready TVs that support 480p 720p and 1080f component video signals, analog inputs and/or digital receivers.DVD Remote: Again, this is a must have, non-negotiable item. Microsoft's is the best.

For you Gamecube folks, there are only two items you absolutely must get:

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S-Video/Component Cables: Absolutely necessary. There are official component cables from Nintendo, and they work damn well.Memory Card: The Mad Catz MemoryCube 1019 (29.95) is 64 MB and sports a nice design too.

Next are recommended items, for portability and network gaming.