Pimp My Console

Taking A Step Further

Now, for you guys that like a little more "oomph" in your controllers - we're talking about controllers that change your perception of the game - check these out:


Philips Freak Ninja Controller

A tad grotesque, but if you're playing a game with demons, this'll get you right in the mood.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Row 0 - Cell 0 Row 0 - Cell 1
Pelican Desert Camouflage Wireless ControllerPelican Chameleon Controller

But I know what you hardcore gamers are thinking - why have just normal controllers? Why not go for the gusto with say, a Hori Onimusha 3 Katana?

This is supposed to used with Onimusha 3, but there's no reason not to play other games with it - who could beat playing a 007 game with a blade?

For you Gamecube/PS2 owners (with Resident Evil 4), a Leatherface-approved, chainsaw controller from Nuby!

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Row 0 - Cell 0 Row 0 - Cell 1
Gamecube VersionPS2 Version

Now, in all honesty, these objects are more than just controllers. They're intimidators, tools designed make your friends think that you may stab or bludgeon them in order to win the match. That's a good thing!

Ok, so we have a sleek system, a rocking controller or two, what's next?