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Seven Radeon R9 280X Graphics Cards, Rounded-Up

Seven Radeon R9 280X Cards, Rounded-Up

Consider this your reference for Radeon R9 280X comparisons. We’re deliberately not including a group picture in the introduction because, as we receive more third-party boards, we'll update today's piece with them, making comparisons easier. To this end, the benchmark and measurement results are split into different categories and mostly presented as tables.

We're also taking your feedback into account and including specifications that don't appear in every manufacturer's technical specifications, but still matter for installation, and might consequently be an important factor in your buying decision. The videos are back too, in addition to fan speed and temperature diagrams as well.

A run-down of each card's differentiators, including BIOS tweaks and a picture gallery of each board, round out this new story format. For the first time, we’re combining a round-up, single-card reviews, and picture galleries into one handy, continually updated package.

Graphics Cards Overview

Asus R9 280X DirectCU II OC

Club3D R9 280XroyalKing OCUpdate:Added: 10/21/2013

Gigabyte R9 280XWindForce 3X OC

HISR9 280XIceQ X²

MSIR9 280XGaming OC

SapphireR9 280XToxic OC

SapphireR9 280XVapor-X OC