Review of Slot 1 Motherboards with Intel 440BX Chipset - Spring 1998

Iwill DBS100

Iwill’s DBS100 dual BX motherboard is a massive piece of electronics. It comes with onboard dual UW SCSI host adapter, using Adaptec’s 7895 chip and offers a RAIDport II, as it seems to become habit with dual boards now.

The 5 card compatibility test was passed without any problems, but unfortunately the DBS100 stumbled over the IS PnP network card as many other boards as well.

Unfortunately the board would refuse running with the Toshiba PC100 SDRAM, but it ran stable with the Corsair PC100 SDRAM as well as with the Samsung PC66 SDRAM. I will do further tests to see which SDRAM can be used in this board.

The performance was average, but this is really not of any particular importance in case of a dual board.

The DBS100 is certainly an interesting dual Pentium II BX motherboard which requires a few flaws sorted out. I really liked the board and it is certainly an interesting alternative for people who think that Tyan’s Thunder 100 Pro is overkill.

Who ever played Quake II on the net whilst recording a CDROM at the same time will know why I prefer dual CPU systems under Windows NT over any single CPU system.