Review of Slot 1 Motherboards with Intel 440BX Chipset - Spring 1998

Tyan Tsunami

Tsunami is the name of Tyan's simple single BX motherboard. It doesn't come with any special onboard stuff and it has only got 3 DIMM sockets as well. However, it has got a wonderful green LED and an onboard speaker. I discussed with Tyan about the green LED and they assured me that for people who don't like this LED they will happily supply a red or yellow LED instead.

The compatibility test was also under the threat of AMI's WinBIOS, making the tests pretty painful. Please refer to the compatibility report for further details. The board didn't have any problems with the different SDRAMs I used for testing though.

Overclocking can be done wen using the latest AMI Text BIOS. This BIOS will let you choose higher FSB clocks than the automatically detected 66 or 100 MHz.

The performance of the Tsunami was pleasing, making it one of the fastest boards in the test field. Tyan is working on the BIOS problems so that I hope the board will be good enough for making it into the recommendations list the next time I test it.