Review of Slot 1 Motherboards with Intel 440BX Chipset - Spring 1998


I actually received this board as a 'Yakumo Y686BX' as distributed by Frank&Walther, Braunschweig, Germany. The only difference to the 'original' DFI P2BXL is a 'Yakumo' sticker in front of the AGP slot.

The P2BXL passed all compatibility tests and ran with all the SDRAMs I tried. The CPU multiplier is adjusted via a dip switch on the board, the FSB clock can either be simply detected automatically by setting the FSB clock to 'default' in the BIOS setup, or you can choose from 66 to 133 MHz manually, reagardless which CPU is used.

The performance was at an average level.

All in all the P2BXL is a good BX motherboard with all the common features. The RAM timing can not be adjusted in the BIOS setup, which can only save a lot of headache whilst hardly having any disadvantage from the performance point of view.

This board is definitely worth being featured in the recommendations list.