Scanning, Copying, Printing and Faxing: Multifunctional Devices

Lexmark X75

Apart from its low price of $99.99, the Lexmark X75 has very little to offer. It takes a drawn-out seven minutes and 50 seconds to print a color bar. In comparison, the Canon MultiPass F30 spits out the finished printout after only two minutes and 51 seconds. The printing costs are extremely high. One color page costs 15.8 cents; a black and white page puts you back 17.5 cents.

However, there is one more gripe in day-to-day use: the lid support that is supposed to keep the scanner unit open while you're changing the color cartridge is rather crude, and breaks down after a short time. The keys for color and black and white copies are practically useless, as the device cannot be used without a PC. They only work with the PC running. The ink cartridges are hard to access, and changing them requires sure-footed fingertips.

Lexmark's X75 has the lowest price tag in this test. Its noise level is average. Due to its consistently mediocre performance and the high operation and maintenance costs, this device comes in last.

Changing the Lexmark X75's color tanks calls for lifting and securing the scan unit. The lid support required for this breaks after a very short time.