Scanning, Copying, Printing and Faxing: Multifunctional Devices

Lexmark X125

The all-in-one Lexmark X125 prints out average color prints at a mediocre pace and with a lot of noise (57.6 dBA). Even the Canon MultiPass F30 reaches a noise level of only 42.4 dBA. On the other hand, scan quality is good, though the speed is on the slow side; to digitize an OCR document, the X125 needs almost a minute. Faster models, such as the Canon MultiPass F30, can handle this task in only 15 seconds.

One drawback is that the control panel of the X125 has the standard numerical pad and only the most basic function keys, such as for copying. You'll need to use the PC to make individual settings. What's practical is that the fax doesn't start dialing until the document has been scanned in, which saves you telephone charges.

The Lexmark X125 is an average performer, though its extremely good scanner deserves mention. The X125's acceptable average cost per page of 7 cents and its low initial cost of $149.99 earn the thumbs-up in the budget category.