Scanning, Copying, Printing and Faxing: Multifunctional Devices

HP PSC 2110

The HP PSC 2110 performs well save for the printing costs. With this model, PhotoREt IV print technology makes its debut in the MFD world. Both color rendering and contrast and brightness are good, but text reproduction is only average. Each color page costs a steep 7.3 cents; one black and white page costs 7.6 cents.

It can put out nearly six Dr. Grauert letters per minute. And this unit is just as fast as a copier. The copy functions to choose from are automatic page adjustment, cloning and mirroring. What is disturbing is the fact that the display is barely legible with light falling in from the side. The color deviation during scanning is some 19 percent. The similarly priced Brother MFD-590 does somewhat better, with only 16 percent. This peripheral has an average noise operating level.

The HP PSC 2110 sells for $199.99 and can be recommended, thanks to its good performance as well as its moderate operation and maintenance costs.