In Search of True DDR2 Bleeding Edge Memory

Buffalo's DDR2-667 Is Unspectacular, But Solid

The Buffalo modules are decidedly unspectacular in appearance. But they achieved a CL3.0 rating along with 2.0 volts of input in our latency timing test.

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Manufacturer Details

Website :

Speed :

DDR2-667 (PC5300)

Timings :

CL 5.0-5-5

Size :

512 MB (1 rank, 4 banks)

single sided

Label :

D2U667C-S512 MBJ


1Rx8 DDR2 SDRAM Module SPD-Timings

DDR2-667 (333 MHz)

CL 5.0-5-5-15

DDR2-533 (266 MHz)

CL 4.0-4-4-12

DDR2-400 (200 MHz)

CL 3.0-3-3-9

Refresh Rate :

7.8 us, Self-Refresh

Voltage :

1.80 V Test

Test I (default) :

DDR2-667, CL 5.0-5-5-15, 1.8V

Test II (timing) :

DDR2-667, CL 3.0-3-3-8, 2.2V

Test II (overclocking) :

DDR2-888@934 (467 MHz) 2.2V

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