In Search of True DDR2 Bleeding Edge Memory

Overclocking By Tightening Timings

In our next test series we again used a standard FSB speed of 667 (333 MHz) and maximum input voltage of 2.2 volts with the fastest workable memory timings we could establish. To determine those timings, we ran the following series of tests:

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1CL 3.0-3-3-81.80 V
2CL 3.0-3-3-82.00 V
3CL 3.0-3-3-82.20 V
4CL 4.0-4-4-121.80 V
5CL 4.0-4-4-122.00 V
6CL 4.0-4-4-122.20 V
7CL 5.0-5-5-151.80 V
8CL 5.0-5-5-152.00 V
9CL 5.0-5-5-152.20 V


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