Silverstone LaScala LC18: Server Rack with Hi-Fi Allure

Outside Views

On the back: 2 fan openings, 7 expansion card slots, motherboard connector panel, and space for the power supply

If you look closely at the case, you'll find little cause for complaint; the screws on the underside of the case are a little worrisome, though. They ensure a tight grip on the internal drive cage, but are also a potential source of trouble. The metalwork on the aluminum case is outstanding - all edges are beveled, and thus present no sharp edges for potential scratches or scrapes. The feet beneath the case are comparable to those you'd find on high-end hi-fi gear. These really come into play for those who plan to use the LC18 as an home theater PC enclosure. In a server room or cabinet they don't really make much difference.

Extra room for a 3.5" drive or an additional drive bay

On the front you'll find three aluminum doors, behind which there's room for access to two 5.25" drives and one 3.5". Numerous vents offer ample ventilation, much like those you'll find beneath a typical server rack. The screw holes for the power supply are arranged so that most PSUs must be installed head down. This means that no warm air from inside the case should find its way into the power supply's air intake.

Vent slits in the power supply cage.

Siggy Moersch