Silverstone LaScala LC18: Server Rack with Hi-Fi Allure

Inside View

Case internals as delivered

The case is built to accommodate full-sized ATX motherboards. The large drive cage is also easy to populate with one or more hard disks. This cage is worth using, because otherwise drives will only be attached by a single screw on each side of their enclosures. Up to five 3.5" drives can be installed into the case if the cage is put to use. Two fans may be added to provide additional case cooling, but they're not included with the case.

The touchscreen faces the case front, in front of the drive cage. Both of its data cables - one for VGA and the other for USB - must be routed out the back of the case and connected into the proper ports on the graphics card and the motherboard. Fortunately, adapter cables for direct connection to a USB header are readily available from third parties like Tripp Lite. Windows and Linux drivers are included on the CD that ships with the case.

Internal drive cage

Five 3.5" drives can be placed in the drive cage

Siggy Moersch